the two-by-Two for Eli Iserbyt on in the world Cup. After you cross into Iowa, it was the West-Flemish by Pauwels Sauces – Bingoal the best in Waterloo. And how! Iserbyt fluid, in the absence of Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert, is a captivating duel with the Show for one more Year in a very tough and are especially slippery tracks.

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Eli Iserbyt rose firmly in the lead in the American mud. Also, Jim Aernouts, Gianni Vermeersch, and the Tone During the flashing. Aernouts took over for a short time, while the white jersey, Iserbyt easy to get deeper and began to see it. Due to the circumstances, it was with a heavy circulation in the town of Waterloo, with a lot of loopstroken. A benefit for one more Year (?), but, Iserbyt was in the first round, all in all, quite easily, with the Belgian champion.

Aernoust cheated in the quick launch, Wants, and Daan Soete quickly in about ten seconds, the leidersduo. They were followed by, among others, Quinten Hermans, Laurens Sweeck, Corné van Kessel and Michael Vanthourenhout, Tom Meeusen. Lars van der haar took over a half of a lap, for more than 40 seconds back in his pants.

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Error(s), and Iserbyt:

for More than eleven minutes, and did, Iserbyt, and During one round. One is that the small West-Flemish are quite impressive. He wipte in the mud on two of the bars, and showed his technical skills in the fall in strips. Aerts did it for the power. In the meantime, we also Thibau Nys and around the box from Telenet-Fidea cycling team. The son of the former world champion was a contributor to the cycle-to-clean surface.

After the two were brought out all together, and that resulted in chaos in the materiaalzone. Then were a lot different Vanthourenhout, Wants, and Sweet guy. It’s almost 40 seconds of the Year. Who has benefited from a double-pechmoment of Iserbyt. The Wereldbekerleider continued to be the first to hang on to a pole and went up, then down, and then he had his steering wheel was straight. During the third round, with a bonus of 16 seconds.

Therein was the Belgian champion for the second time of the error message. At first, he slipped away, and then cracked his knee on a tree stump after it with a slipper. It seemed to be the Year, however, is not to be bothered by it because Iserbyt, there was only two seconds to get any closer. The disadvantage of Vanthourenhout and Wants, which is to get to the third stage, fought, went in the direction of 50 seconds. The first fourteen riders did at that time, incidentally, twelve of the Belgians and two Dutch riders.

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the Plough

for one more Year and went a little further once again, get away from it. In round two of the wipte in the “Kempenaar” is still on the bars, in round three, he showed that the work of art to pass over. In the meantime, suddenly Iserbyt, however, to his advantage. The West-Flanders was at the start of the fourth of the six laps, go back up to 13 seconds of the leader at the Waterloo. Vanthourenhout was the only one who was still, in less than a minute remained. Behind Wants troepten Herman, Sweet, and Kessel together.

The long, long Year continued to struggle with the slippery modderparcours and saw Iserbyt again, come and join us. The winner of the cross country in Iowa, returned to his top form and was an immediate success with a sore of four seconds. Year gave, however, did not win, and however the technical risks are not. In a current piece, he came up again, but that was another miss for the Belgian champion. During this being stuck on the side of it and looked around. The spring seemed to be broken.

as Iserbyt was a small, ten seconds, but he had to be careful. The cross of a Parent with Sauces – Bingoal was not going to be much later than his rival unconscious after a shunt. But, since During the fool continued, as he fell after a jump and the bars will be built Iserbyt the gap and even it out. At the start of the second-to-last round, he will get a bonus of 21 seconds. Vermeersch and Vanthourenhout followed at 1’09”. Laurens Sweeck had a offday more than four minutes long.

Photos: BELGA

The race was completed. A strong Iserbyt slipped in here and there, yes, but it has performed as a soloist for his second win of the season. Show on for one more Year and was happy to see that he was still in one piece to the finish of the level. For more than one minute will be the winner. Vanthourenhout was third for the Wants.

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1. Eli Iserbyt, in 1u08’28”).

2. Display Year +1’08”).

3. Michael Vanthourenhout +1’23”).

4. It Wants A +1’50”).

5. Corne van Kessel Was +2’18”).

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More about Eli Iserbyt Eli Iserbyt, after a second impressive crossoverwinning of the season: “a Lot of risks. No, it was a bit of a tjolen , ” Juergen Mettepenningen, won Iserbyt’s first world cup game: “I’m Not sure that next year we have the difference.