A U.s. motorist had just been to the police, making a phone call to the dangerous driving habits of the driver to get him to sign up, and when things went wrong. The dashcam of the call the man noted how the pick-up truck on the highway, it began to fall with a slap against the crash barrier to end up. The man was not under the influence and was not injured in the crash.

“He was lying on the highway, and I could see that he was using his mobile phone was busy when I was there in addition to went away,” says the creator of the images above. However, since the driver of the pick-up truck is dangerous in the vicinity of the other cars came in, and called the guy with the dashcam of the police department.

The cops were, ultimately, not to intervene to stop the dangerous behaviour stop, but they did, however, spot a man in a truck, on its receipt, to the fire.

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