The partial government shutdown in the United States is the longest in the history of the country. And he polarized the society along party lines: More Republicans than ever are in favour of the President, Donald Trump proposed building a wall on the Mexican border. In the case of the Democrats it is just the opposite: For the project, so few of us speak of them never. Only in a supporters and opponents are United in their unwillingness to compromise.

“Particularly serious Problem”

the results of a country-wide survey by the Pew Research center. Accordingly, a clear majority on both sides is to end the government shutdown, if that would mean Trump are the desired money for the wall influx, what fear, 88 percent of the wall opponents, or to withhold, what to reject 72 percent of Republicans.

The government shutdown to keep 79 percent of the Democrats, or the Democrats close to the respondents for “a particularly serious Problem” for the Republicans and their supporters, only 35 per cent. Trump’s popularity is suffering from the crisis, but apparently not. The proportion of respondents with the performance of duties (job approval rating), is at 37 percent – roughly as high or low as last year.