Halle, germany –
in A car accident, with three vehicles Monday evening in the Walloon-Brabant-Tubize, has one dead and two seriously injured in road accidents it causes. That was on Tuesday turned to the public prosecutor of the province of Brabant-Wallon. The killer is a victim, a 66-year-old car driver, from Halle, germany.

The accident happened on Monday, shortly before 18 o’clock on the Edingensesteenweg in a city called Tubize. For an as yet unknown reason, carried out with a driver that is out of the way from the Hotel was on the left, overtaking where it is prohibited. Her car came head-on into a collision with an oncoming car. The driver of the car, a man from Halle, survived the blast does not.

automobiliste, also from Halle, and were born in 1964, he became seriously injured. Tuesday morning, it was still feared for her life, according to the public prosecutor’s office. The driver of the car was taken for a man of Courcelles, was seriously injured and transferred to hospital. He wouldn’t be in danger of exclusion.

The public prosecutor’s office has a verkeersdeskundige given to the particular circumstances, to be determined. It took a blood of the three victims. The officer, who was surpassed and had no alcohol use, the public prosecutor’s office magistrate all of them.