This June 17, 2022, the 91-year-old actor Jean-Louis Trintignant died “peacefully, of old age, this morning, at his home, in the Gard, surrounded by his relatives”, said his wife. Since 2017, the famous actor Jean-Louis Trintignant suffered from prostate cancer. The star, Oscar winner for his role in the film Amour, confided in the columns of Nice-Matin in 2018, saying: “I don’t fight, I let it happen”. Since the onset of his illness, the actor had become increasingly rare in the media. He wanted to give some news on his state of health, saying that it was not going “not terrible … finally it’s going what”, he had explained to Léa Salamé.

Unlike other celebrities who have already been diagnosed with cancer, the actor did not want to take any treatment to cure his prostate cancer, he explained in February 2020 to our colleagues from Nice-Matin. “You know, for 60% of us, we all have cancer. But when you’re old, it’s not the most serious disease,” he said.

Fortunately, the star of And God… created the woman can count on the support of his family and in particular of his four grandchildren. “They are wonderful, I love them. Well when we have that, we haven’t missed everything,” he added.

At the announcement of his illness, Jean-Louis Trintignant had gradually abandoned the film sets. In recent years, the comedian, who won a Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival for The Lying Man, has only starred in a handful of feature films. In 2017, we found him in the film Happy End by Michael Haneke before returning in 201 in The Most Beautiful Years of a Life by Claude Lelouch. In 2021, he should be on the poster for Love is better than life, also directed by Claude Lelouch.

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On the night of July 26 to 27, 2003, Marie Trintignant, one of the actor’s children, was the victim of domestic violence by her companion at the time, the singer of Noir Désir Bertrant Cantat. While she is in Vilnius in Lithuania for the filming of the film Colette, a free woman, the actress sinks into a coma after having received twenty blows from her companion.

The next morning, seeing that the actress no longer reacted, her brother Vincent Trintignant alerted the emergency services. The 41-year-old actress was then rushed to Vilnius University Hospital. Brain operated on twice, she was finally repatriated to France on July 31 in a state of brain death. Jean-Louis Trintignant’s daughter died of her injuries on August 1, 2003.

For his part, Bertrant Cantat is on trial in Lithuania, the country where the facts took place. He was sentenced on March 29, 2004 to eight years in prison for “murder committed with undetermined indirect intent”. In September 2004, he was transferred to Muret prison in Toulouse. Released on parole in 2007, he has now served his entire sentence.

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On November 18, 1954, actor Jean-Louis Trintignant first married actress Stéphane Audran. But after two years of passion, the couple ended up divorcing in 1958. It was at this time that the actor would have fallen in love with the actress Brigitte Bardot, met on the set of the film And God… created the woman. The couple would have settled together in a Parisian apartment but their idyll ended in the fall of 1957 when he learned that the pretty blonde would have had an affair with the singer Gilbert Bécaud.

The following year, he met director and writer Nadine Marquand. The couple passed the ring on their finger in 1961. More in love than ever, they became parents of three children: Marie, Pauline and Vincent.

In 1973 during the filming of the feature film Le Train, Jean-Louis Trintignant would have started a romantic relationship with actress Romy Schneider. But after three months of relationship, the actor would have decided to distance himself to continue his life with his wife. The latter will divorce the actor in the early 1980s.

In 2000, Jean-Louis Trintignant married former racing driver Marianne Hoepfner.