From French cinema to the international scene, nothing is too good for Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu. From her debut in 1983 in Roger Vadim’s Surprise Party, the actress is revealed to the general public in Three Men and a Basket directed by Coline Serreau, where she plays Sylvia. A role that even earned her a nomination for the César for best female hope in 1986.

Despite this distinction, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu has chained appearances in the cinema without reconnecting with such success. And, even after her return to 18 Years After in 2003, the career of the actress is running out of steam. It is however on television that she will reconnect with notoriety by playing Catherine, the wife of Matthias Barneville in Ten Percent, the flagship fiction broadcast on France 2 and on Netflix.

On this same video platform, the actress’ career took on an international dimension thanks to the series Emily in Paris worn by Lily Collins. A successful fiction in which Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu embodies the demanding Sylvie Grateau, the boss of the young American. A role of choice that made him popular around the world, opening the doors to a possible career abroad. “I received a lot of offers, but I was lucky enough to be able to refuse them because they lacked imagination”, confessed the one who does not want “to be cataloged” in You magazine.

“I’ve been a French bitch before and she’s perfect. I don’t need another one. So I’ll just wait and believe the right thing will come along.” It would seem that this appeal from the foot of the French star was heard across the Channel, some time after his declarations. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu would be part of the cast of the fifth season of The Crown, a flagship series around the British royal family. “It was a small role but it was great fun, and I was so, so happy to appear on the show,” the 50-year-old told the Daily Mail.

“Each episode is like a little film. It’s crazy, how well written it is,” enthused the actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu with her English colleagues. Still according to the media, the French star would lend her features to Monique Ritz, the widow of Charles Ritz, in this new burst of episodes. A personality renowned for having sold the famous luxury hotel to Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Princess Diana’s last companion.

While waiting to find her on our screens, Philippine Leroy Beaulieu remains active on social networks, not hesitating to share behind the scenes of her many projects. From film sets for the Emily in Paris series to photo shoots, not to mention her public appearances at Fashion Week, she is a sensation with her 364,000 followers on Instagram. Here is an anthology of his canon photos through our slideshow.