In Berlin, unter den Linden, a wall will be built and 9. November should fall, the authorities refused to grant the permit. Thus, the second stage of the “DAU”project in Paris, so you can take place to its spectacular world premiere. At the Théâtre de la Ville, the same opposite the Théâtre du Châtelet and the Centre Beaubourg for the monitoring program, it should be done. The completion of the triptych “Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité” is still planned to be in London. Also in Berlin, you don’t want to bury the “freedom” to permanently.

Jürg Altwegg

culture correspondent, based in Geneva.

F. A. Z.

The Russian filmmaker Ilya Khrzhanovsky, the Moscow Institute of the Soviet physicist and Nobel prize laureate Lev Landau was in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv – this is why the cipher DAU – reconstructed: “Between 2009 and 2011, leaving several hundred people in their everyday life, to work in the Institute and to life. You are under strict rules threw. It scientists, artists, philosophers from all over the world, but also street sweepers, serving inside, postal officials and secret policemen were.“ It was lived and researched in the thirties. The eye of the Camera Jürgen Jürges, who has worked with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Wim Wenders and Michael Haneke. Jürges told that the script is closed and only the real life of Unreality: Big Brother was filmed at Stalin. The Assembly lasted for years. Three of the ten films and dozens of series.

visa, on the website

In Paris to apply for the preparations under systematic to be driven secrecy. Even on the Websites of the institutions involved no evidence. Also, the “DAU”-of communication is reminiscent of Soviet times. Like a samizdat, a Blog entry by Michel-Edouard Leclerc, which operates in France, is a Discount supermarket chain, which is so well known as in Germany, Aldi reads. Leclerc was apparently able to visit the sites and Ilya Khrzhanovsky meeting: “His Experiment at the borders between art and politics is beyond everything.”

The press office of the Châtelet theatre refers to a “Bureau jigsaw”, the referred to as an “Agent and architect of generations, revolutions, societies”. The “Bureau” sent a Dossier. A Respondent protested on the phone, all the permits were in place, even the police have given their blessing. On the construction of a wall is omitted, the Châtelet-place a metal construction is planned, both of the theatre to connect and in the night prior to the beginning of high. The support for the project in the DAU, the “will shape the culture for decades to come”, was enormous. A “completely new journey through space and time” is a promise: An “Immersion in the Soviet Union between 1938 and 1968,” around an “artistic, cinematic epic that will change the relationship between the work and the audience in a radical way”.

Khrzhanovskys films, which have never been shown publicly, will be played in the original. Renowned actor could be won for the summaries: Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert for the French, Iris Berben, Hanna Schygulla, and Barbara Sukowa for the German Version. Designated artists, scientists, musicians involved in the Performance. You can imagine that the Scenes of Lev Landau evoke the Moscow Institute, in the “poetic forms of life” rehearsing had been. “Changed” will show the visitor of his “Immersion”.

For the Trip to the totalitarianism required a visa. The application form for travel between nostalgia and the avant-garde contains questions on the “psycho-metric” Details. Each visitor is given according to his information, a set of Algorithms created individual program. He gets a navigation device which guides him through his “DAU”-Odyssey. His cell phone he must leave home. Various timing options are provided. The course is open 24 hours per day, three to four hundred visitors, he can absorb at the same time, not all the variations are. At the end of his course the visitor must be an “Auditor”. The interrogations are conducted by real priests, psychologists, police officers, imams. A month, the Experiment will take, the starting. of 17 24. Be postponed until January. The surface of the Châtelet metro hub, the Terror-fighting on buffer zones, which are not provided for in the project. “DAU is to take place,” says our Respondent. The presale has started, the applications for a visa can be submitted to .