security forces in Sudan have once again taken to use force against protests against the increase in the price of Bread. Residents of Um Rawaba, about 200 kilometres southwest of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, told the AFP news Agency late on Friday evening, about 600 people had gathered on the market, and “The people want to be called the fall of the regime”.

The protesters sat on the road car tires and tree Branches on fire and tried to storm a government building. Security forces had pushed back the crowd, said the eyewitnesses.

In Atbara 300 kilometres North-East of Khartoum, the police applied tear gas against hundreds of demonstrators, reported an eye-witness. In the Khartoum border city of Omdurman flocked according to the eyes of hundreds of people in the stadium to see a football game and called loudly, “freedom, peace and justice”. Here, too, the police have used tear gas.

The protests in Sudan erupted on Wednesday because the government had increased the price for a loaf of bread from one to three Sudanese pound (EUR 0.05). In the result, six in Al-Gadaref, and two in Atbara were killed in clashes between protesters and the police a minimum of eight people. Sudanese opposition leader Sadiq al-Mahdi challenged the government’s data and voice on Saturday 22 deaths.