Yusaku Maezawa, in the future, probably the first moon tourist of all time, has broken a new record. He has written the most shared Twitter-Tweet. More than 5.5 million Times a message Maezawas was divided on the short-messaging service Twitter now and the number is increasing still. The 43-year-old Maezawa was with an Internet Fashion store for the Yen-billionaire, and is estimated by Forbes magazine at about $ 2 billion. In a raffle he had promised on Saturday 100 Twitter users per 1 Million Yen (8065 Euro) in cash, if they spread his message and him on Twitter followed.

Patrick Welter

a correspondent for Economics and policy in Japan, based in Tokyo.

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This is a promotion for the supposedly good running new year sale was a purchase in his store, for the Maezawa wool thank. The previously most widely used Twitter message was posted to the Internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia and the American Teenager, received a year of free supply in the Burger chain Wendy’s. 3,55 million Times this message was more widespread.

Maezawa is spectacular promotions known. In the past year he had hired for an unknown sum of money to the American space entrepreneur Elon Musk, who heads next to Space X, the electric car company Tesla, as the first moon tourist. 2023 is going to start the trip. Maezawa want to take to the moon, a group of artists.