the owner of The in the North sea, a wrecked cargo ship “MSC Zoe” has promised the full Takeover of the costs for the cleaning of the coasts. “MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company would like to assure the authorities and representatives of the Public in the Netherlands and Germany, that the company will bear the full costs for cleaning,” it said in a on Saturday a notice published by the Geneva-based company.

At the same time, MSC has assured that the company feels for the search for the lost containers responsible, “until the last has been found”.

The nearly 400-Meter-long “MSC Zoe” lost in the night of Wednesday in a storm in the German-Dutch border area to the North-West of the island of Borkum, approximately 270 containers, including, according to the Dutch border guard, three of them with dangerous goods.

centuries-long Tradition

Dutch Islands in the North sea have been washed ashore more than 20 containers. In German waters to date, ten boxes were discovered.

were the beginning of many over the flotsam and Jetsam washed. “It can be collected!”, the operator of a beach pavilion, reported on the Dutch island of Terschelling on Wednesday. Everything was landed on the beach: toys, auto parts, lamps, Ikea-Ware. Kilometers about kilometers: “It is enough.” In addition to all the beautiful things in plastic, however, was also the day already abundant, which is why the Café volunteers waste was bags ready. The Dimension of the wreck of the container ship “MSC Zoe” was not yet in sight.

The Search for flotsam and Jetsam has a century long Tradition on the Islands of the Netherlands. Whether it’s wood and metal from wrecks or valuable from the ship’s cargo anything treasure put on the viewfinder. The activity has even jutten own Verb: “”, “flotsam and Jetsam collect” or “robbers”. On the island of Texel is a popular herb is named bitter after her: the “Juttertje”, the Wreckers, the good for to done loot gear in the cold. On Texel, a hotel operator specialized for a long time, on the order of angespültem wood furniture. In the meantime, is get on the beach much, and the wood is processed only to the hotel bar and other furniture in the house.

The accident is dealing with the authorities a long time

The North sea island also houses a shipwreck and wreckers Museum with all sorts of objects that have been flushed in the past 75 years. Due to a fire in December the Museum is closed at the moment, it wants to open in February. Formally Jutters are “stopped”, loot. A law on the beach finds from the year 1931, and the wreck act of 1934, the rules of the. In practice, the islanders interpret it differently. The Mayors of the Islands of Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland see the currently-similar to locker. Most of the things were ruined by the water anyway, said the one. One is glad, if the residents would help, and the beaches cleaned up, said the other. Anyway, the few police officers could not monitor the.

on The Radio, beach treasure reported a viewfinder initially satisfied with their loot. In the meantime, the playful joy is superimposed on the prowl from the worry about the damage. To years in addition to items on the beaches land could be silent – to of toxic substances, the anstranden. Because Volunteers don’t arrive any more against the garbage that is now even the military.