There are the releases that we wait for, that we hope for, and returns on record that we no longer expected. A look at what we’ll have to listen to over the coming months.

Suave, sensual and sophisticated, Kali Uchis’ music draws as much from the pop side of R

Billy Joe Armstrong is getting older, like everyone else, but Green Day is one of the rare groups from the pop punk rock movement to keep its bite. Saviors, his album to be released on January 19, promises to be less frenetic than the Californian trio’s previous albums – the guys have all passed the 50-year mark, after all – but retains its tone and gains depth and grandeur. At least that’s what the extracts revealed at the time of writing suggest. Note that another interesting trio, The Smile (Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner), released their second album the following week (the 26th).

The winter will be marked by the returns of four women from worlds in the antipodes who have not published records for a while. On February 23, Mônica Freire releases Ilhada, an album where she combines her Middle Eastern heritage with her Brazilian roots for the first time. Térez Montcalm, who has mainly made a career in France in recent years, puts an end to a discographic silence of more than a decade by publishing Step Out (February 16), which will remind our ears of his unique voice and sensitivity. Susie Arioli will do the same, in a more swinging register, on February 23, with Embraceable. Known as part of the duo Forêt, Émilie Laforest also returns in February (9th) with a solo album which promises to be atmospheric and personal.

Usher had phenomenal success with his R

Five years ago, Sheryl Crow said she no longer wanted to make a record. The game was no longer worth the candle, she asserted, in an industry now driven by songs. So she only sent one song to Mike Elizondo (Maroon 5, Keith Urban) to start and, one thing led to another, accumulated enough for an entire album. Evolution, to be released on March 29, announces changes: it is the first of her records that she has not produced herself for a long time and it also risks moving away from her rock, folk and country roots. Alarm Clock, the first extract, is even pop right down to the treatment of his voice… We will see if this shift will convince those who love the artist closer to his roots.

Singing in French was until now the exception rather than the rule for Beyries. That will change this year as she will release an all-French album on February 9. His first in his career. She gave a taste of it by unveiling two titles: Du temps (the lyrics of which are signed by the actor Maxime Le Flaguais, her long-time collaborator, who signs all the texts) and Seule sans toi. Two pieces that highlight her sensitive singing and burning with authenticity. This bodes well for his album entitled Du feu dans les lilas and the upcoming tour.

Added to these releases are those of records which do not yet have an official publication date, but which are expected in the coming months. Maybe by summer. Dua Lipa, who released a dance track called Houdini last fall, is among the lot, as are Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, SZA, Vampire Weekend, A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd. And after his two concerts last June in Montreal, The Cure will perhaps release the album that he has been saying is imminent for years!