Crazy, or genius? The flying keeper, in Egypt, is the headline risk, but the salvation that is to follow is even better


One of the dangerous ball away, heads to 25 m from the be target, in the first place and in reverse, falling in a wereldsave his hands down, shaking. It was a great moment of Egypt’s goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad, Saturday night.

< br /> The Egyptian league, and, by extension, most of the African leagues is not closely monitored. If news comes in, it is usually a viral moments, from the crazy moments during the match. Last night’s drawing, Mahmoud Gad, the goalkeeper for Enppi, the latest ‘viral video’ is in the way.
in The champions league, played at home against the Pyramids, one of the top clubs in the world. After a half-an-hour saw the Gad is a long-ball to come up with a fast striker of the ball which followed at the heels. The goalie came out to far and was in the danger of the road. The leather was flying right back to the Pyramids-the player, who was a great ball from his hands down, shaking. Gad was a fool to return and jump into a rare, unseen, save to the ball. “The goal, thanks to a stroke of the hand, in its own small box. The penalty phase of the Gad, but a lot of help it brought to the end not the top. Enppi was, after all, and with a 4-0 lead in the boat.