A couple from Germany is suing the cruise line, TUI Cruises will have them on the first day of a two-week-long cruise and had been asked to leave the ship.

The facts date back to april of this year. According to the German travel magazine Reise-Reporter it was the couple – Peter and Volker present on the cruise ship Mein Schiff 5. On the first day of the cruise, they had the ship in san juan to leave.

The reason why there is the link to his own words, ” is still guessing. According to Peter, they had just had sex in a discussion, it was at an end. Later, her husband, take a shower, she went out on the deck smoking a cigarette.

Not much later, a manager and a security guard at the door. One of them, and they had to be told that they will, at the request of the captain of the ship had to be abandoned. Is it because they are too loud, the sex would have been? Possibly, thought Franklin, but she stressed that there was no violence involved in that, and that there is no damage to the room.

The couple were dropped off in Jamaica and it was there again, in Germany, to see and to touch.


now, Therefore, in complaining of them, TUI Cruises, for more than 10,000 euros in compensation. TUI Cruises has testified in the meantime, to the Us Reporting that they were aware of the incident and that the safety and security of all guests and, at that time a priority.

“The incident was safety related and, therefore, we have exercised our right to ask any guest to ask for the ship to be abandoned. That’s what we’ve done to make the guests and their companions to protect it”, says in a statement.

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