Otman B. (42), and a Syriëstrijder of the Slope that is shown would have to be Morocco, which has achieved in court. The man, who is currently working in the detention centre in Vottem is staying, and says that he is hiv positive. In accordance with the spirit of Morocco did not give him the care that he needs.

B. a is of Moroccan descent, but has spent his entire life in Houses by. In 2014, he was in the us, the country is caught, and sentenced to four years in prison during the so-called Zerkani process in which several terrorists have been convicted. B. it was a very good friend of ISIS commander Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who is the terrorist attacks in Paris, the director, and, in the wake of them appear to be in a schietgevecht with the Paris police department.

Otman B, which is the terrorismezaak, five other convictions were suffered in this country, it was a kind of messenger of Abaaoud. He moved out of the Houses into Syria with the clothes and € 8,000 in cash for the commander. He fought also on the side of ISIS. In a phone call with his ex, he told me: “I can take care of the sick, and to kill non-believers.”

After his penalty expired, had, a few months ago, and it is B. the right to the closed centre in Vottem, sent for the purpose of deportation to china. However, the men drew up a resistance to it. “There’s a chance that they really will be torture, and in accordance with the convention on human rights can not be proven to be”, is his defense. In addition, said B. that he is hiv positive or even have aids, what has been done by several well-informed sources affirmed. Because he is afraid that he will be in Morocco, not the care you can get is wish, he is not shown to be.

as For the aliens litigation Council, his application was rejected, allowing him to remain in Vottem is locked away. It is not clear if the man appeals to the Council of State. If not, he would have shown it. The two lawyers wanted to have something to say on the matter. “This is to safeguard the privacy of our clients.”

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