(Montreal) Like some great wrestlers, Samuel Piette wisely chose the song on which he would make his debut at the CF Montreal season launch. She had to represent the character.

Last player to cross the bench of supporters gathered at Club Soda on Tuesday evening to go on the boards, the new captain of CF Montreal was treated to the warmest welcome of the evening. Like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and The Rock, as soon as the Repentignois theme song sounded, the crowd immediately went wild.

Between all the cries of the supporters, the song The family of the rap group keb Alaclair Ensemble was heard. Piette carefully chose this song – a work from Quebec with a good rhythm and especially because of its theme – to take his first steps as official captain.

Since the departure of Jukka Raitala in January 2021, the CFM has employed a few co-captains, including the Quebec defensive midfielder. It was Mauro Biello, ex-captain and former Impact head coach, who made the handover.

In his seventh season with the Montreal club, Piette will have to embrace more than ever the role of big brother in the locker room. The team lost several key cogs in the offseason and entered the season with three straight road losses. On the eve of its return to Montreal on Saturday evening at the Olympic Stadium, the team must avoid a fratricidal war at all costs.

Just like in the room, Piette ensures that the atmosphere in the locker room is excellent. We can easily attest to the rounds of applause that were heard throughout the evening. We can also mention the performance of the crowd, who sang out the emblematic song Allez, Montréal as a musical interlude throughout the event.

“It’s a big dose of love” that Piette never tires of. “It’s a feeling of pride and honor [to be welcomed like that]. It’s always so special and you never get used to it. You savor it every time. »

CFM President Gabriel Gervais is the first to praise Piette in her new role and give her another dose of love.

The question remains whether the 28-year-old will be able to make it to Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia Union. Piette missed his last game after suffering an injury in a match against Austin FC on March 4.

The principal concerned said that his presence for the meeting was yet to be confirmed. He trained Tuesday morning at the Olympic Stadium, but away from his teammates. “You want to play the first game at home, but don’t rush things,” he summed up.

After three weeks of training camp in Florida followed by three consecutive road games, Samuel Piette was more than happy to finally spend a full week in Montreal. “It feels good,” he confirms.

Despite CFM’s record, Gervais confirmed that the club had already sold “the equivalent of a sold-out Saputo stadium” for the game against Union. Although more than 20,000 supporters are expected, the president wants to see more people at the Olympic Stadium: “We need our fans. Especially now, because we are in a bit of a dip. »

Support that will be important as CFM play their first home game in their 30th anniversary season.

CF Montreal President Gabriel Gervais reportedly wanted to unveil the Montreal club’s new home kit at the season launch. However, said jersey is not about to be unveiled, and the club will play with its away jersey, the gray and blue one, until further notice. The jersey’s arrival “is still too far away” to establish a timeline. As a reminder, CF Montreal had to postpone the release of the jersey due to an inscription in an indigenous language which was not approved by the new president.