commuters and travelers on the route between Mainz and Frankfurt, since early Monday morning again to your destination faster. The track work at the station Mainz Römisches Theater are completed since five o’clock, said a spokeswoman for the private railway company vlexx GmbH on Monday.

The construction work had since the 2. January led to delays of up to 20 minutes in the regional traffic of the railway. Were affected, in addition to the S-Bahn lines 8 and 9 on the route between Mainz and Frankfurt trains between Mainz and Worms. At the station, two tracks had been removed completely.

The signal disturbance at the train station in Mainz-Bischofsheim in Hesse page is not fixed according to the German railway. However, the impact on the rail traffic, according to a speaker’s minimal. Due to the disorder, it was here in the past weeks delays, in part, also redirects.