Surprisingly, the withdrawal announcement from Sven Gerich comes to the agonizing discussion of the past weeks. Also, the timing of his decision is due to the procedures and deadlines in relation to the end of may the upcoming mayor election to be obvious. Could have been directed now by his party to nominate, would have been the daring strategy of “eyes”, the only remaining Option. That court is not on his chair in the city hall, clings to, deserves respect.

His re-election but would have been anyway, not a self-runner. Not only because of a possible prosecution, because of the acceptance of an advantage or bribe, which would have put his political career to an abrupt end. In the discussion of its proximity to entrepreneurs working in and with the city’s extremely lucrative business, it was managed by a court never to get off the Defensive. His strategy is to want to with the reference to naivety in the beginning of his term in office, out talk, was doomed from the start to Fail. Court was and is a various die-hard politicians, the risks of luxury travel with the managing Director of a municipal enterprise and of the invitations of wealthy large-scale caterers must always be aware of.

political Hygiene in Wiesbaden

That court was of the view that to do so without allegations to suspend, testifies to a lost grip. Completely vulnerable court made the reference to his privacy when it came to possible further invitations, and grants. The letter is Ralph a student from this week suggests that the court was more open flanks, the him could be fatal.

The danger of even more “dirt” alone certainly would not be a reason for the withdrawal. The case is not for courts, however, attack surfaces there are still. It needs to be cleared up, as it came to the lucrative catering contract is awarded to a Kuffler and Visit what your relationship Gerichs at Kuffler in St. Tropez, the invitations to the Munich Oktoberfest and the strange Meeting at the Frankfurt airport. Here are the cards completely on the table. The court of the political Hygiene of this city still guilty.