Another setback for the strict immigration policies of the American President Donald Trump: A judge at the Federal court in Washington explained the decision, victims of domestic violence and gang crime from asylum right to exclude, on Wednesday to be invalid. These restrictions were “arbitrary, unpredictable and contrary to the immigration laws,” said judge Emmet Sullivan. The Standards for accelerated deportations would be determined by Congress and not by “whims of the Executive”, said the 108-page verdict.

In June, the then Minister of justice Jeff Sessions announced that domestic violence and violence by criminal gangs, there is no reason for a right to asylum be more. “The status of Asylum offers no remedy for every misfortune,” said Sessions at the time. Against this decision, twelve asylum-seekers from Central America, where the deportation threatened to complain, with the support of human rights groups.

the judge Sullivan gave to the plaintiffs and suspended the new rules. He also ordered the cancellation of deportation decisions for the twelve plaintiffs, as well as the recovery of already deported asylum seekers.

The spokeswoman of the White house, Sarah Sanders, criticized the judge’s decision. This will inundate “our immigration courts with additional value-free cases,” she said. In addition, they will encourage “more illegal immigration”.