The adviser affair in the Ministry of defence will soon be informed of a Committee of inquiry. Ursula von der Leyen, stumbled into the. Originally, the Opposition was not so burning. But when her former armor, the state wanted to reply to Secretary Katrin Suder to members ‘ questions only in writing, one thing was clear: the defence Committee did not like, he can convert as a single Committee of a Committee of inquiry – then Suder is download.

The former McKinsey consultant is considered a key figure in the affair. It is still not clear whether they can be has something to debt. She wanted hart in the procurement of the Bundeswehr due to the desolate state of the equipment well. The has made within the Ministry, certainly a lot of enemies.

a Committee will bring to light That soon into the Dark, is good. The Advisor and officers should now place their cards on the table. To get out of fear in the headlines, the sentence currently consulting companies such as McKinsey and Accenture striking. Everyone plays his role as a consultant. In your own interest, you should explain to the Public you Do but better. Because without external expertise, the Reform of the military apparatus could not be accomplished.