Astrology: Which sign is most likely to become rich?


Pisces, Virgo, Gemini… the astrological signs are popular among the French. Indeed, according to an Ifop study, 41% of our compatriots say they believe in this discipline, ahead of the lines of the hand (29%) and fortune-telling (23%).

This is defined, according to the CNRTL, as: “the art of interpreting the particular configurations [between certain stars and the signs of the zodiac] on a certain date, established in a chart of the sky, in order to determine the character of someone, to predict the future.”

Elon Musk is Gemini, Jeff Bezos Capricorn and Bernard Arnault Pisces… Coincidence? The slideshow below shows, according to a 2019 study of the wealthiest, mostly American and British, which zodiac signs are most likely to become wealthy.

The specialized site The Uk Domain has indeed decided to compare and bring together the different traits common to these great entrepreneurs. It turned out that a certain proportion of these individuals at the origin of a commercial empire were placed under a particular astrological sign… On the other hand, still according to this study, it would seem that 93% are men and only 7% of women…

The richest men in the world, according to Statista data of August 9, 2022 in dollars, are: