New tickets, new lines: For the RMV also cable cars are possible


    Additional bus routes and more S-Bahn: Rhine-Main transport Association (RMV) is responding to rising passenger numbers, with a compression ratio of its offer. Among other things, to be created this year, four more Express bus routes, as managing Director Knut Ringat said on Tuesday in Frankfurt.

    the night traffic is to be expanded, to the most loaded lines are even more S to soon-to-be cars on the road. The following questions and answers about the program, which has made the transport network for this year.

    How many people have more of 2018 took advantage of the RMV?

    The number of passengers grew last year in the RMV-area to 15 million, to 769 million. For 2019, the transport Association expects a further growth, among other things, he’ll be dining from further contracts via job tickets. This offer is for companies and their employees is currently experiencing a Boom, according to the transport Association. And it is expected that this will continue. Just negotiations with the national associations of local authorities in the country were, thus, cities and municipalities can take advantage of the offer easier for your employees. Already today, the job tickets make up 14 percent of the total revenue to the RMV.

    How the transport network is responsive to the development?

    in addition to the additional offerings in the area of fast buses – the number of lines in this year to 19 rise – is compressed to the S-Bahn: The times with 15 minutes intervals in the Morning and in the evening be extended, so that also people with early work can benefit the beginning. In addition, the night traffic is assumed according to the Ringat very well should be extended further to rural areas, and selectively be stepped up, for example during major events. Added to this are plans for more bus routes, which might be on the hard shoulder of motorways such as A66 road.

    What new features are planned?

    the passengers are also being planned for new Ticket offers. In addition to a 365-Euro-Ticket for seniors to come to the end of the year, be it for example, collectible cards, which can be digitally purchased. The advantage is that the individual trips will be compared to the conventional single-journey cheaper. From the middle of the year, there should be also weekly and monthly tickets with the RMV – App. This was planned as a kind of test run, in terms of forgery, before the offer is extended to the even more expensive annual passes. The App will also be soon on Tickets for the Munich city transport available, as a precursor to a planned future network of transport networks to each other.

    How is the punctuality at the RMV?

    With an annual value of 92 percent of the S-Bahn runs behind his punctuality target of 96 percent. The reason the “miserable” values of the long-distance traffic of the railway, with its delays, the regional traffic affected.

    The RMV experience, this is also a great demand for payouts in the framework of the Ten-minutes-guarantee: € 3.1 million received since the launch in mid-2017, back to passengers. The money came from repayments, especially of the German Railways due to delayed or failed trains, said Ringat.