on the day of The truth. That is certainly for a second time a coach, Laszlo Bölöni, who on Sunday against Club Brugge is not a new defeat, the more you can afford to have. And it is also in Genk, belgium, is the red alert for the Felice Mazzu, who is with Liverpool and Ghent, two of the tough teams in this regard.

you can READ as WELL. Mechelen, the new manager Wouter Vrancken didn’t know anything about the rumors as he is in Genk at the image: “Not heard of atlantis”

Two weeks ago, Bölöni has already come under fire, but said Gheysens confidence. In the meantime, there is little to no change for the better. After the win against Kortrijk and played for the royal Antwerp fine in belgium, but gave it to a 0 to 2-is still out of your hands. On Saturday, in Asia, it came again, but lost 3-1. Six points from six matches. in this way, it is a Play off of 1 another away.

you can Also get the fans to be upset. Bölöni was in Asia with the necessary curses to be flung. As he was on Sunday at home against the Club are still without a Superior – to-back loses, as seems to be talking about. We should not be surprised to find that on the 21st of november, at Ghent, and will return one match, that of Bölöni – one else was at the helm. Gheysens himself, not wishing to pre-empt it and keep it on the, “This can’t last much longer. It’s five to twelve.”

Gheysens explains the fate of Bölöni in the hands of Luciano, D’onofrio, and the athletic director. And this week, the Romanian, and so are normally left on. “I think so, yes. I’m In, still haven’t heard about it. Anyway, decided out of all people. He needs to think long and hard and is a good solution. Internally, doesn’t it. What are the tactics we use, who we are playing he will be in this week, seriously, to discuss it with the coach.”

Consultation meeting in Genk, belgium.

At the Genk bestuurstop continued after the painful defeat in Three is still. Satisfied, they are not, of course, but the fact is, you don’t even see the time when the crisis came to a halt. Today, traveling in Genk and on to Liverpool, where Mazzu is an almost impossible task to hold. He hopes that, in particular, a new pandoering is not forthcoming, and the game on Sunday at home, the Gent’s right. Even to lose, you can Play off of a 1-in-compromise. Of his own future, as well. Wouter Vrancken, the succestrainer of KV Mechelen (malines), is placed in the image as an Mazzu have to go.

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