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A 23-year-old woman was on Monday by the Brussels court of first instance sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 4 months, with the exception of one retailer in a shopping centre in Ternat at the end of August. The young woman was there with her underage sister to run away with the eur 1,438 euros to use condoms and water based lubricant. In his own words, the intention was to sell it, but how can they get the contraceptives, the husband would take, the woman may not be clear.

It was the winkeldetective of the pharmacy, the woman and her sister and noticed the security cameras and watched as they made their winkeltrolley filled with boxes of condoms, a tube of lube and a hair dryer. The women tried to be the store, leave without paying for it, but by the winkeldetective, right? Compared to the police’s well-known that the two were right in the case of theft.

“It was a desperate act by a woman who hoped some of the money to be able to earn an income to buy food”, they said it was on the side of the defense. “In the meantime, she has been working as a self-employed person in a nail salon.”

The defense argued for a postponement, but that it was for the court to be ” a bridge too far. The woman, who had been allowed to observe due to the other location.