Winter: 5 tips inspired by our ancestors to withstand the cold at home


Temperatures have already begun to fall well below seasonal averages, in parts of France and others. The meteorological winter started on December 1, and it is now well and truly felt: snow is even on the way. Unfortunately, this winter, which promises to be harsh, corresponds to a period during which scheduled power cuts could occur, as communicated by the managers of the electricity transmission network as well as the executive.

These load shedding measures would be all the more likely to occur if the electricity consumption of households is found to be too high, and the network is unable to keep up. We are therefore calling for energy sobriety on the part of consumers. One of the recommendations in this regard, made by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, is to maintain the temperature of accommodation at 19°C, no more and no less.

The 19°C rule, although supposed to take into account the need to reduce electricity consumption at the national level, does not seem to be compatible with the heating habits of the French people… in 2018. Indeed, a survey carried out by Eni and Ifop had then established that the average ideal indoor temperature of the French was 20.2°C. Supporters of both extremes were also represented.

Everything, however, suggests that consumers’ reflexes will no longer be the same under the threat of 2-hour power cuts. In order to withstand the very relative heat of your home, discover 5 tips inspired by the practices of our ancestors, according to L’Obs.