Clements was, during his press conference, that the world outside the Club Brugge rapid ophemelt. In recent years, often with the perception that the Club is already the champion, it would have been. Also, the captain Is pulled over the weekend after a draw against the Standard that the media is what’s interesting.

“The group is really doing a good job,” says Clement. “We are addressing a 27 to 33: all for the season and signed for it, I think. If Sobol is not an inch offside position was, we had a Sunday win. There will be a very big conclusions to be drawn from all the drawn out, but we are not that much better than the rest of Belgium, as everyone else is writing. I and my group have often been warned that they may zulkedingen does not exist. It also applies to nothing. We know that everything is going to be very close to each other is in terms of quality.’It is Standard sputterde, with the specific mandekking over the whole field at a time. “Let the other teams in their approach, but to copy it is up to us to find solutions. That is what we have in the second half, too. Antwerp is doing something like this for a few seasons.’

At Zulte Waregem and is expected to Clement is not an easy lot. “That team is playing this season in the Play-off for 1” and surprised by the city as a coach. “At home, they were 13 and 15, at Antwerp and Genk have won. And the Gent was very lucky that they made it a good concert. This is a team with a lot of quality and experience. Guys, as Seck and The fauw, I know, okay, I know what they can do in this locker room.’

to Rotate against Zulte Waregem

it will Probably be Lenient, again rotate at the Gaverbeek. Some of the young men appeared over the weekend which is tired. “But this is not a new one: to switch to keep everyone fresh and to keep up, we’ve been doing it all season, he gave up his to. With the return of the Balanta – ready for move – in and Mitrovic has Clement in any case, what is more wisselmogelijkheden. Or, the Agent can play is Wednesday, remains to be seen. He has a slight muscle injury. In the position of the defence is important, is that Balanta is back. I want to be able to rotate with the Zipper, as it is in a very awkward position.’

Clement also had some nice words for the young Kossounou, which is opposed to the Standard coming in for Mata. “He’s not a real surprise to me, else don’t we put it at the time. He sat down at the selection, and then played it in london. It was a confirmation of what we have at work and saw. It is one of achttienjaar that mistakes will be made, but it has a lot of potential. We want to put him in the right time and the right steps to make it.’

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