The Dutch journalists are cracking the idea of an BeNeLiga, That the Belgians can do it in their own country does not even have control


Also, the Dutch football association (KNVB) to realise, however, that the possible establishment of a BeNeLiga not be tomorrow’s. “It’s impossible in a short period of time’, was a spokesman for the Dutch fa (KNVB) on Tuesday to news agency AFP, to know. Meanwhile, it turns out to be the voetbaljournalisten of the NIS, definitely not a fan of his.

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Bart Verhaeghe told me last week in an interview with Le Monde, the establishment of cross-border competition in the netherlands for the next season would be possible. “And if that doesn’t work, then the next two seasons, and there was eagerness, as we know, the French newspaper. Later modified as the Club’s president, though. “You can go fast, but we, the pins are not attached at the deadline.” Verhaeghe realize, of course, is that the momentum is on the Belgian side, and there it is, now that the tv contract at the end of this season will end up. In the Netherlands, however, the situation is completely different: there is the agreement with Fox about the rights have to bid for the 2024 games, and that agreement should be respected.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> In the short term, we’re not going to succeed, but that does not mean that there will be a project. “The interest is there and the studies that are going on”, says the THE response. “At the moment, however, we can’t say when it will come to an end.”

the Same story, that sounded Saturday in the response from the Pro-League and president Peter Croonen from There. “It’s way too early for a timing, or format, advance the slide. The competition, eighteen teams, ten from england and eight from austria, Belgium, ed) is merely a working assumption, that is, you need to have in order to have a simulation to do. But BeNeLiga it can be a gamechanger to be. If we have this option please enable javascript to view, we are getting there, perhaps, be sorry for it.”


The first phase of a study by the consulting firm Deloitte, showed that the potential of a BeNeLiga it. For all concrete work, the second phase of the feasibility study to be initiated. The bulletin of the Belgian and Dutch clubs in the BeNeLiga is going on. Just in time for the summer, and the G5 is in Belgium (AA Gent, Club Brugge, KRC Genk, RSC Anderlecht and Standard Liege) and six clubs from the Netherlands (Ajax Amsterdam, AZ Alkmaar, FC Utrecht, Feyenoord Rotterdam, PSV Eindhoven and Vitesse) and started working on the idea to take a closer look. With a single market of 28 million consumers, it would be the gap between it and the five largest European leagues can be reduced.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> “Disgusted”

if you are in the voetbalpodcast of the Dutch went to italy in greater depth with the idea of the BeNeLiga. Moreover, it should be clear to our Neighbors that they are not immediately a fan. “As the Belgians would be very happy to have with us in the south,” said the host, Arno Vermeulen. “They’re planning the meetings, they are a club on the approach…”

And then he paused. “I’m really getting tired of it, disgusted even, is DUTCH journalist Jeroen Elshoff (42) between them. “When I was in high school, came out, it was all over in a BeNeLiga. How long has it been since that scandal at the top in Belgium. They can do it in your own country, not even themselves. There are a number of licensed stadiums to be torn down. I’m a little bit sad, and I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. A commercial? Yes, let them do it, and then put the whole Club in, don’t let yourself fall.”

“I can see it’s not sitting down,” adds Frank Snoeks it. “We have a fantastic competition to eighteen teams, and that you should just keep it. Then you get to Heerenveen against Standard Luik in belgium. You would prefer to Heerenveen at Groningen, to see it.”

The message is clear. “Just to make contact with the Belgians, we’re not going to get involved.”