The German Olympic sports Confederation (DOSB) has spoken out on his new year’s reception in Frankfurt’s Römer on Monday, once again, against the classification of the so-called E-gaming as a Sport. “E-sports does not exist. And it is not included in the Olympic program,“ said Alfons Hörmann, President of the umbrella organization of German sport. It was on the contrary to E-Gaming. Thus, Hörmann affirmed the decision of the Association at its annual General meeting in December, and turned against the digitization Officer of the Federal government, Dorothee Bär (CSU), said in October, E-sports is sports.

Tim Niendorf


F. A. Z.

Earlier, the Hessian Interior and sports Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) had thanked him already for the positioning in this from his point of view sports – political is so important. “E-sports is to play some sports, such as Knitting and recorder,” said Beuth. The sports teach, unlike console games, values such as Fair Play and respect for the people. “We must not allow the E-Gaming industry, this sport’s values to society.” Against the Background that sports get a lot of bar for the cohesion of society and therefore also of the policy will be subsidized, said Beuth: “The idea that the E-Gaming industry is competing for funding, I think is absurd.”

DOSB-President, Hörmann said in addition, in the short term, the Para-swimming world Championships in Germany and to send a value-oriented character: “it Would be a clear Signal that you could put together: sport, Germany, the world sport family of swimming means in the Paralympic sports welcome, and we ensure this world Cup.” The International Paralympic Committee had withdrawn from Malaysia on Sunday, the world Cup, because the country wanted to give guarantees for the security of Israeli athletes. Hörmann pointed to Germany’s special responsibility towards Israel. The world swimming Championships would have actually of 29. July to 4. August to be held in Kuching.