ATM: withdrawing cash will be more expensive in 2023


Bad news to start the year. 2022 has not been easy for the French budget, between the rise in energy prices and the drop in purchasing power linked to inflation. Many people seek to save money where they can, sometimes by switching insurance companies or even banks. More than ever, consumers are scrutinizing their spending and bank charges are no exception to the rule, as they will rise again from January.

In September, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced the establishment of a tariff shield on bank charges, in order to limit the increase in certain services to 2%. Institutions have played the game, according to the latest MoneyVox study which estimated the average increase in bank charges at less than 2% in 2023, but not on everything. In detail, the specialized site has noted larger increases for certain operations:

These increases do not affect all customers, as they are limited to certain uses, but there is one that will directly impact ticket distributors.

If you are used to paying for your purchases in cash, you may have a bad surprise in January. As MoneyVox explains, “free access to cash costs a bit more each year” and, indeed, a further rise is expected at the ATM in 2023. It could be high, as you can find out below and customers of many banks will be affected. You will have to change your habits, at the risk of stupidly losing a few euros each month, which will end up doing a lot at the end of next year…