In the Gainsbourg-Attal family, we ask for the children. In couple since the beginning of the 1990s, Charlotte Gainsbourg and her companion Yvan Attal live a beautiful love story punctuated by numerous professional collaborations. The lovebirds worked together on the feature film Human Things, directed by Yvan Attal.

For the occasion, Charlotte Gainsbourg played the role of Claire while her son, Ben Attal, played him the role of Alexandre, a man accused of rape. A poignant story with striking scenes that disturbed Charlotte Gainsbourg as she had confided to Madame Figaro. “With Ben, we started with the court scenes. It helped me. Seeing your own son in the dock, it was so hard, moving, that it became easy to be a mother at the time. screen. And then he started playing the piano for six months. It was insane,” she explained.

A great family collaboration for the young man who has shot since 2001 in six films directed by his famous father. “They have a job that I love, and I have the funniest childhood memories in the world, I loved going to the sets … But I’ve never seen their films,” said the star of 24 years during an interview with our colleagues from ELLE.

Planet invites you to discover in photos the three children of the famous couple.