From 2011 to 2015, Charlotte Casiraghi, child of the Rock and Gad Elmaleh, successful humorist, lived a beautiful love story which materialized with the birth of their son Raphaë l, born in December 2013. The two stars s met over coffee at a mutual friend’s house. A thunderbolt for the actor who confided in 2021 in the columns of Paris Match.

“Charlotte was there, I fell in love. Charlotte is involved for her country (…) but she does not have a princely title, that made things easier,” he said. A romance that could have been disrupted by their respective agendas as he had declared in the podcast A Voix Nue on France Culture. “It’s a long time three years with plane trips. With the jet lag, the little one, he sees you, you’re a zombie, you can’t even play with him, you fall asleep while you talk to him (…) One of the reasons why I came back from the United States is that, as a child, I did not see him growing up“, he confided.

Despite their separation, the ex-lovers seem to have remained close, as evidenced by his declarations to the German magazine Bild am Sonntag in 2018. “We are still a family. Charlotte is the mother of my son. And she is a wonderful mother”, explained the comedian. More recently, passing through Léa Salamé’s show on France 2, Gad Elmaleh indulged in a few tender words about his ex-girlfriend. “You have a pretty look when you look at her,” said the host, presenting a photo of the couple in Monaco in 2013 and to the actor to reply: “Because I find it very beautiful, this photo (…) Wow, she’s very beautiful, yes!”

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