In no other country in the world outside of the United States, there should be as many historians as in China. For you is on 3. January, a new Era dawned. So in any event, the state leadership wants it. On the occasion of the founding of the Central Chinese history research Institute (Zhongguo Lishi Yanjiuyuan) brought the state President Xi Jinping in a greeting, the expectation of the political tip letter to the state-employed historians Guild: history is a mirror; in the contemplation of the Past, one must recognize the present. To take the achievements of the past, for example belong to a unique Tradition of “more than five-thousand-year” history of the Chinese people. The new era of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” based on this Tradition, and need the backing of a Chinese historical research, the ideas to be their value for sure.

The new history of the Institute belongs to the Chinese Academy of social Sciences, since 1977. Your Vice-President Gao Xiang is now the founding Director of the Institute. 15. January Gao Xiang explained in the party’s official “people’s daily” (Renmin Ribao), what he expects as the chief ideological guardians of China’s historians. He also recalls an exchange from the Shiji of Sima Qian (circa 145-90 BC), the most prestigious of all Chinese historical works: “Over the past reports and to the Future to think of!” Gao Xiang a “true history” that should be met by “high Ideals,” of “feelings” and “Inspiration”, a far cry from the “ice-cold” attitude of conventional science.

Chinese history will be discussed in the country – not international

Gao Xiang’s emotionally charged slogans to the historical affirmation of the tasks fulfilled by the Religion. All Religious but was denigrated, it is already a century of China’s early Communists in the Marxist Tradition as “the Opium of the people”. Until today, to be followed in the people’s Republic of the various religions with this accusation. The historiography has, of course, from the point of view of governance to Religion the advantage that it is legitimized as “modern”, and not from external authorities – such as the Pope or the Dalai Lama can be determined. No one makes the state of their placement and steering in dispute. So be it, says Gao Xiang, the task of Chinese historiography, to not only propagate the glorious Tradition of the country, but to document as well as the unalterable re-emergence of the Chinese people in the world. With such Celebration of national size, they could make “their own scientific value and of the spirit”.