< / P> Bol.com it seems, however, to take a step back in time. The shop in the run-up to the christmas and new year period, the Major Speelgoedboek, a booklet of 164 pages, with a wide variety of toys that are available on the Bol.com. The book will be available for all the people with the children at the bus end. Who’s not in the book, it has received a copy, from a subsidiary of Delhaize.

“We’ll sell it now that it’s been ten years of toys, and we have noticed that children are much more in need of inspiration,” said spokeswoman Tamara Vlootman. “The book is the perfect blend of online and off-line. Children will be able to, in flip, the toy that they want to be out in the middle of the book, paste them on a verlanglijstposter. In addition, the toy is also a QR code for parents to go straight to the correct article Bol.com will.”

According to the shop, it fits the book in a new speelgoedtrend: old-fashioned crafts, and puzzles. And in addition to the rise in popularity of online gaming, there are also the table and card games is on the rise.