finally, the CD&V vice-presidents, Cindy Franssen, and Griet Smaers, take the helm, Wouter Beke, minister of the well-being of the new Flemish government, a new president is elected. That tells you that the party is Tuesday night.

Cindy Franssen (43), who is a member of the European Parliament of the party, and Griet Smaers (42) is of the ships in the port of Antwerp the municipality of Geel. The following people were earlier on a bicycle built for two, among others, in the Innesto-vernieuwingscongres, and both of them are part of a group of 12 (the so-called 12 apostles. They were made by the General Meeting of shareholders of the parties referred to an interim presidency, and will be responsible for the day to day running of the party, and the start-up of the implementation of the recommendations of the ‘group of 12’, and the organisation of the voorzittersverkiezingen.

the Former president, Wouter Beke, he gave it to was not a candidate to be on their own, and so it’s just a matter of who is the candidate that will be set. All candidates must be 21 in October. “The general chairman of the regeneration and renewal of the party is able to embody it. As a candidate for general chair should also be committed to the party and to renew them on the basis of the report of the ‘group of 12’ with respect to both the structure and the operation of the communication if the content of the discussion”, says the party, in a press release.

The vote between the 28th of October and 17th of november, and can be done online or by mail. On the 18th of november and the results will be published. If none of the candidates the required 50 percent of the vote, and to remember, between 20 november and 5 december, a new round of voting with the two highest-ranking candidates. The results will be on Friday, december 6th, will be announced.

Griet Smaers. Photo: a medium-term objective, Cindy Franssen. Photo: THERE is More about Wouter Beke, Broken, daddy will not care for her daughter, “you Catch her, please, or they will do something to the CD&V, has, at last, on the 6th of december the new chairman of the Save children’s allowance, Wouter Beke, head of a Belt on your own (CD&V): a critique on the ministerspost of the Flemish government