man is a social being: Who would know this better than the Internet companies that want to provide many of the paradoxical feeling of well-being, and separated to sit in front of your devices and to be part of a great Whole, because it is looking like the series call is announced, or in the networks are like, what the mass Likes.

Netflix certainly succeeded in terms of lucrative experience of community, once again, a hit, and with a horror movie, so the General evaluation of the public – is not even particularly good. A mere 62 percent approval, “Bird Box – Close your eyes” based on a novel by Josh Malerman on the review site “Rotten Tomatoes”.

with Hollywood star Sandra Bullock in the lead role, and Hollywood star John Malkovich in a stream in addition to the role more than 45 million Times. What is it about? People are gathered in the community experience of the worst kind – in droves then, or in suicide, because of an unknown aggressor gazed upon. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) puts yourself and your children eyes to bind, and tried blindly to reach a place of safety.

What do the spectators do? To play the scary scenario in social networks. In which grass the “Bird Box Challenge organized”. It comes, Videos of upload, showing how you can fall blindfolded and disoriented through the area. Or escalator. Or a hundred meter run is lying down, the crashing ends in the gang. Or as a Baby with a blindfold in front of the wall.