Chairman of the Board in Munich: Rummenigge answered the Hoeness desire


    In the break times of the FC Bayern remains Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of Munich. As the German football record champion announced on Friday, agreed with the Supervisory Board and the 63-Year-old on a contract extension for a further two years to 31. December 2021. “He has made in the past 16 years, his qualities in this office impressively and we are sure that he is the right man to lead the FC Bayern München AG in the coming years successfully,” said Supervisory Board boss Uli Hoeness.

    Rummenigge is since 2002 Chairman of the Board of Munich. Hoeness had recently expressed his hope that the former national striker extended by another two years. “Our most important task in the coming years will be to develop the FC Bayern so that we remain also in the future one of the most successful European top clubs,” said Rummenigge. According to the will of Hoeness could be Oliver Kahn’s successor of the current CEO. “I can assure you that the Name of Oliver Kahn plays in our Considerations”, Hoeness said three weeks ago, at the annual General meeting.

    The Bayern President ruled out a transition solution with Kahn as a sports Executive in addition to Rummenigge: “Oliver Kahn then comes the question, if Karl should stop Heinz. And until then, we will wait in peace and him to keep warm.“ Kahn would have to wait, therefore, until the end of 2021. “A caliber such as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to follow, is not an easy thing,” said Hoeness.

    just a few days ago, the Association President, as a Munich-based Supervisory Board was confirmed as Chairman unanimously. The control Committee is elected for four years. Hoeness had recently musing over a possible retreat in the next two to three years. The 66-Year-old since February of 2017, again at the top of the nine-member Supervisory Board. His term as club President expires in November 2019. Hoeness had been held in his first term as President from 2009 to 2014, both of the guide post FC Bayern Munich.