The Deutsche Bahn is aiming for a final collective agreement for your employees. After the completion of the railway and transport Union EVG, the state group took on Thursday in Frankfurt, the interrupted negotiations with the train drivers Union GDL. Both sides were optimistic to be able to come to a conclusion. There were negotiations up until the Friday in the seventh round conceivable.

An important aspect of this is in addition to the various break rules in the use of digital equipment. “We refuse that our people should be available around the clock,” said GDL-boss Claus Weselsky before the start of Negotiations. Railway personnel chief, Martin Seiler referred to the appropriate rules, which was discussed already.

agreement with EVG

The GDL had declared in the course of the bargaining round, the negotiations failed, but at last announced that it had received from the Railways with an improved offer. So, for example, breaks would be abolished on the train and short breaks.

With the competing and larger railway and transport Union (EVG) agreed on the railway back in December, to a degree. He sees, among other things, wage increases of 3.5 percent and in a further step, from 2.6 percent prior to, as well as a one-off payment of 1000 Euro. The second tariff step can also be in additional holiday days. The duration of the ECG is 29 months.