The German industry is mainly due to the risk of a hard Brexits with increasing skepticism on the economy. The Federation of German industries (BDI) forecasts for 2019, although with economic growth at the previous year’s level of 1.5 percent.

“In the case of massive disruptions in trade between the United Kingdom and the EU, the One before the decimal point would be in the best case,” warned, however, BDI-President Dieter Kempf on Thursday in Berlin. “A chaotic Brexit is now in dangerous proximity to, companies in these weeks in the abyss.” The economy on both sides of the English channel remain nothing else left, as all the arrangements for a fair EU to meet Britain’s exit. The British Parliament has just rejected the Prime Minister Theresa May with the EU negotiated Brexit Treaty.

According to the Kempfs words have announced some of the companies to leave the production in the UK from April to rest. “Others have relocated staff or transactions.” Against this Background, the German economy expect “from London to offer rapid answers, how to go on”.

for A withdrawal from the EU without an agreement was “simply not an Option,” said Kempf. It must be clear to all Concerned that the UK will in such a case, to a “third state”. “One of our closest trading partners falls back on the rules of the economic relations behind countries such as Turkey, South Korea or Ghana”.

“The best times are over,”

in Addition, the views of the world markets, the industry is ready abdominal pain. “Economically, the best times are over,” said Kempf. The trade policy of the American President, Donald Trump will remain a serious Problem. The customs conflict of the United States with China had become a threatening risk for the world economy as a whole.