Like a Damocles sword above the head. This winter, the energy bill is likely to be very, very heavy for French households. According to figures from Selectra, more than 60% of a household’s energy bill is for heating. In a context of galloping inflation, citizens are invited to consume smartly both to reduce their bills, but also to avoid gas and electricity supply difficulties this winter.

To help individuals adopt the right gestures, the négaWatt association has compiled some daily advice in a report. Among them :

To avoid inflating the bill, some individuals prefer to burn the wood in their fireplace. According to figures relayed by Maison

For example, cutting, cutting down or attempting to cut down a protected tree exposes you to a fine of 150,000 euros and three years in prison. In addition, cutting down a tree without the prior authorization of your town hall can cost you 1200 to 6000 euros in fines per square meter of built surface.