Baanwielrenner Kenny De Ketele, the eyebrows cause any problems by stating that “swimmers at the Olympic Games is allowed to go on as they are the other side of the pool”. Louis Croenen, that is, our country is in a swimming represented at the Olympics in Rio and in London, responded indignantly. “I’m hoping that this will be an emotional reaction.” De Ketele has in the meanwhile except.

A failure to De Ketele was Thursday night to talk to the press when it was discovered that the Belgian achtervolgingsploeg men, probably in addition to an olympic-sized ticket that would take them. “We are now in the top 10 in the world, but only the top 8 are welcome to Play. While you’re in the swim, but if you’re the other side of the bath and shrugs,” noted Very.

That ruling, the lap going down the wrong way when he Louis Croenen, that is, our country is represented at the past two Olympic Games. “I’m hoping that this will be an emotional response, because this response doesn’t make any sense,” he writes on Twitter. “Being selected for the Olympics in swimming is equal to that of the top twelve in the world. P. P. P. S.: I just made my 8 miles (160 laps in a pool, the 50-meter) training out of the equation.”

De Ketele offered Friday morning apologized for his “stupid quote”. “The images of a swimmer who almost drowned at the Olympics have been on my retinas. It’s all about the the the. My frustration is mainly with the criteria of the international olympic committee to make it. My sincere apologies to all of you. I just meant that it wasn’t true!”

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