Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. If the five senses are known to everyone, some people sometimes find themselves deprived of them. Whether at birth or during their lifetime, these abilities are not immutable and can sometimes go away.

However, there is a sixth sense, less known than the others, which cannot be taken away from a human being. It’s called intuition. Unlike the latter which are physiological senses, intuition is extra-sensory, which means that it is based on listening to the environment and things that surround an individual’s life.

If everyone has such a faculty, many people refuse to listen to it for lack of confidence or because they are not aware of it. “Most people ignore or disregard their instincts, smothering it and repressing it instead of hearing it and following it like you do with a friend or ally. Yet that’s what you have to learn to do “, underlines Lilie Delahaire author of Dare to trust your intuition, in the columns of Current Woman.

To be able to fully access one’s intuitions, one must be able to put one’s ego aside, to be empathetic and to open up to others as well as to the world around us, including that of dreams.

However, if everyone can develop their theoretical sixth sense, it varies according to the astrological sign. Discover below the one that suits you according to the astrologer and clairvoyant Claude Alexis on CNews.