Philippe Bouvard was close to death: the day he aquaplaned with his Ferrari F40


For many years, journalist Philippe Bouvard has been a true car enthusiast. In total, the former host of the Big Heads has owned nearly 200, as he had said in an article written by him in Le Figaro. The 93-year-old star admits bluntly that “all have been voracious in fuel and insatiable in repairs”. Whoever had “convertibles, coupes, limousines” liked one more than the others. This is his Ferrari F40 for which he broke the bank.

“Darling daughter of the Commendatore, it became mine a few days after leaving the factory. Its odometer showed just 1,000 kilometers, which its first owner had covered on a trial basis before giving it away with a very comfortable more -value”, she explained in the columns of our colleagues. However, nearly three months after its acquisition, Philippe Bouvard had decided to part with it after being the victim of a great fright. This is what the journalist revealed in his autobiography Le petit monde de Don Bouvardo, released on October 6, 2022 by L’Archipel editions.

“At the wheel of my Testarossa, then, above all, the F40, I thought I was Fangio. and without my wishing it, from the left lane to the right lane,” he wrote. Very close to death, Philippe Bouvard therefore decided to part with his sweetheart: “In the days that followed, aware that its lowered bodywork made it deadly as soon as it rained, I decided to sell my very dear F40”.

After finding a buyer for his beautiful Italian, Philippe Bouvard had to face a most surprising burglary. “Twenty-four hours after finding a buyer, the little wonder was stolen from the garage of my villa. A dishonest guardian had given the keys to a criminal known to cross the Italian border with stolen vehicles”, a-t he revealed in his autobiography. Finally, after being hidden for six weeks in a basement in Grace, his F40 was finally able to be returned to him. Unfortunately, fate seems to be beating on this racing car. After he was able to sell his new car, the new owner accidentally blew it up after “attempting to do a weld near a fuel tank”.