In Knokke-Heist, belgium –

A 46-year-old male from Kortrijk, was in the magistrate’s court, to justify, since he was with Ferrari wegvluchtte of the police in the Home. When his driver’s license was revoked, cobble, and that he with his boot, and he went on. In addition, he was aggressive with the police.

“What’s the matter, little guy?” So, I asked a 46-year-old male from Kortrijk, in the last new year’s eve to be a police officer in the town of Knokke-Heist. It was the start of a very unfriendly story. “Unfriendly or rude to him, it is still not a crime has been committed. Yet, there will be heat affected, and that the police have found her work not done,” said Carl Stubbe, the attorney for the defendant.

to phone in your Porsche on the Lippenslaan

forty-something, was on new year’s eve with his Ferrari, by the town of Knokke-Heist on the road. Next to him was his wife. But then, she’s gone to her head-parked the Porsche in the Lippenslaan passed by, they saw that the lights were burned out. She stopped, and noticed that there was a phone in the car. The man called a police patrol, but this was turned against him.

finally, When an agent wanted him to check, he jumped into his Ferrari and drove off. The officers in pursuit, and, ultimately, to put the man in his car, on the side. But instead of going to the police, he left for the nearest bar. He ordered a drink, sat back, and refused to come out.

too much To drink:

it turned out that the man had little too much to drink and had his driver’s license is not in him. The police behaved aggressively, causing the police to him, and could not be examined. He’s got a driving ban of six hours, and in the end have. However, an hour later, the police are after him, me behind the wheel of a Ferrari on it. “With Ferrari, you may fall once in a while everywhere. Even the hotel,” said the lawyer. “The breath test was negative. But this man was clearly not well-informed by the police department. He was interviewed and got the keys back. So it was that he was allowed to drive it.”

The first instance court condemned the conduct of the man, but continued to be the punishment is pretty mild. And he presented him with a fine of from 1.680 euros, with 800 number, and a driving ban of two weeks.