Welcome to the Europe election year! The greeting word languages now, the two strong men of Rome, who lifted their dispute with France’s President Emmanuel Macron to a new level. The left-wing populist Luigi Di Maio strengthened in France protesters “yellow West” on the back, because the policy had become in their country, “deaf to the needs of the people”; Macrons line loss France and all of Europe.

The right-wing populist sekundierte Matteo Salvini: He supported the Protest “against a President who ruled against his people”. Of course, Macron was not squeamish, as he called Italy’s government in the refugee dispute “cynical”, and even the elected populist to get most things from the EU to listen. But now the Roman Duo standing just a few inches before calling for the overthrow of the President of the EU-partner country.

Where Macrons election victory was even more significant than the 60-percent approval of the Italians, on the Di Maio and Salvini, were so proud of. You wanted to distract from the fact that they had drawn in the Etatstreit with Brussels, the Shorter?