The LIOT group (Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories) will try, this Thursday, June 8, to have a bill voted in Parliament. The latter aims, unsurprisingly, to repeal the new pension reform recently adopted by the Elders of the Constitutional Council.

June 8 therefore represents one of the last chances that the opposition has to prevent the implementation of this reform, and the LIOT group, determined to get the National Assembly to vote, will have to face an executive that does not count not let it go. But before this important date, a new event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6.

Against the new pension reform, the trade unions have launched a call to demonstrate on Tuesday, June 6. A fourteenth day of action and mobilization which falls only two days before the bill that the LIOT group will make to the National Assembly. A day of strike which will surely bring together a large number of French people. The deputy LFI (La France insoumise), Éric Coquerel invites, like all members of the opposition, citizens to come and strike and mobilize against this reform.

The LIOT deputies’ bill will be discussed in the National Assembly on June 8. “This bill aims to break the impasse in which the country finds itself today in order to prevent it from tearing itself apart. And to find appeasement, ”they declared on April 20. We will therefore have to wait about ten days before knowing whether the increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64 can be repealed.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne considers this bill unconstitutional and irresponsible. For the latter: “There are rules on the bills that can be presented: (…) it is not to increase expenditure and not to reduce revenue”, as our colleagues tell us. of La Dispatch.

Nevertheless, the LIOT deputies can still maintain their bill because the group has planned a measure to counter this problem, which is to tax tobacco more. Manuel Bompard also announced on Sunday May 21 on the BFMTV set that “the government does not have the power to prevent” the discussion in the National Assembly of this bill.