With the rise of nationalism and right-wing populism, anti-Semitism out of its dirty corner ventures in Europe. In many countries anti be mobilized Jewish stereotypes, deeply in the European history and cultural roots. In the face of the Holocaust that was, until recently, a taboo among all the political forces that wanted to apply in a General human sense, as a decent. This starts to fall taboo is a sign of alarm anywhere, but especially in Germany, where the awareness of what is the meaning of anti-Semitism, should be especially sharp.

Who carries in this country, the blame is clear: the AfD. It holds itself against this accusation, but their loud outrage over this alleged unfair accusation finds no equivalent in the Actions of the party leadership. For one, she is not willing, or able, to anti-Semites in their own ranks consistently in the barriers, and on the other it opens the floodgates.

When Alexander Gauland, the former President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany insulted the Nazi Regime as “bird shit” belittled and Alice ryegrass Charlotte Knobloch, it will be understood by sympathizers who Express less elected, as an invitation to let your resentments run free. The rich Tradition of Western Jew-hatred is added to the anti-Semitism among Muslims has caused in the past few years, horror. Both must alike be met.