Brady apologized to Mathieu for losing his composure at the moment of the game, of which Mathieu said,”I’ve never really seen that side of him”

During the game, Brady and Mathieu sparred several occasions. At one point, Brady even chased him down and got in his face.

Brady called Mathieu the”ultimate competitor,” in his apology text and stated he knew he needed to match Mathieu’s strength Sunday.

Brady told Mathieu he had watched him since his days at LSU, and commended Mathieu because of his heart, calling him an”amazing leader, champion and course action.”

Brady also voiced his desire to apologize in person in the future. He said his outbursts in a psychological moment were in no way a reflection on his own feelings toward Mathieu, whom he talked of highly throughout the week leading up to the match.

Mathieu explained his side of this altercation, stating in a since-deleted tweet which Brady started the verbal spat when he called Mathieu”something I won’t repeat.”

“He is definitely chasing me, however, I got flagged,” Mathieu said in a different deleted tweet.