the candidate of The American President Donald Trump for the office of the attorney General, William Barr, wants to exert any influence on the Russia-investigation of the FBI. “Under my supervision, Bob (FBI-special investigator Robert Mueller) is not allowed to complete his work,” wrote Barr in a prepared Statement for his hearing in the Senate this Tuesday, the CNN, published on Monday (local time). The Senate must confirm Barr in the office. The candidate also made it clear that he did not want to keep a final report Mueller’s under lock and key.

“In the best interest of the people”

“I think that it is very important for the Public and the Congress is that you will be informed about the results of the work of the special investigator,” wrote Barr. “If I am confirmed, I will not allow that party politics, personal interests, or any other undue Considerations affecting these or any other investigations.”

Mueller is investigating whether it came in the presidential election campaign of 2016 to collusion between the Trump camp and representatives of Russia. Trump denied this, and the investigation is called a “witch-hunt”. The previous Minister of justice Jeff Sessions had to go in November after months of criticism of the President. The reason for trump’s dissatisfaction was the fact that Sessions can be explained in the Mueller-investigation, for self-conscious, and the supervisor had handed in his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein.