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The european elite of the kitefoil meets this weekend in the waters of the swamp of Alarcon to contest the first test of the season 2020 circuit Formula Kite Spain Series (FKSS), Go Sailing Shop FKSS 2020 Alarcón. And to do so in the paradise spot of Valverde del Júcar, where more than forty regatitas of Spain and Europe will battle to be the first to win a race after the confinement.

that’s why there are eager to compete. The circuit of the FKSS and the organising club, the Club Kite Surfing Centre, have made an effort in terms of logistics very important to return to the competitive mode to the best sailors in europe in the specialty of kitefoil that will be olympic in Paris in 2024. And the sailors have responded to this effort with a massive enrollment that far surpasses those registered in this same test last season where they were competing in the waters of the Alarcón 25 sailors. Sergio W Smit, director-general of the FKSS expressed yesterday: “For us it is a pride that the sailors have responded in a big way to the call of the circuit. We announced the race a little over a month and all of them are here. This confidence, he will reward us in the hard effort it is to assemble this circuit that grows year to year. This season we are eight people who form the team of the organization of the FKSS and we are convinced that we will improve in all aspects. We also want to thank the effort that have been made both from the CKSC, and the town Hall of Valverde del Júcar”.

One of the main occupations of the organisation of the event is to ensure the sanitary standards that are mandatory for the crisis of the COVID-19. All people must keep the safety distance and wear the mask as they relate to other participants. One factor that favors maintaining the distances are large open spaces that have been enabled on the shore of the beach of Manchamar of Valverde del Júcar.

For the two days of competition of the Go Sailing Shop FKSS 2020 Alarcón, Saturday and Sunday, which are expected to provide up to ten outputs in both the Open category as well as in the Amateur, we wait a few winds of the southeast, the best in this spot, between 10 and 18 knots which guarantees a great spectacle in the waters of the Pantano de Alarcón.

In the only race of freshwaters of the season 2020 of the FKSS are going to give appointment the best sailors of the time in Europe. A relevant piece of information is that today we have seen the faces in the training all the candidates to victory in Alarcón as are the valencian Alex Climent, the French Axel Mazella and Theo de Ramecourt, and the Russian Denis Taradin. These four sailors are the only ones that have won tests in the FKSS in the two previous seasons. Climent has taken victory in four tests while the other three have shared the remaining victories. The last defeat was the frenchman Axel Mazella made with the victory in the last race of the season 2019-held in Fee. You can also be among the favorites group of the Bulgarian Alex Bachev that he had his first encounter with the FKSS last year in the trial of andalusia and stayed in second position.

she is Also enrolled in the Go Sailing Shop FKSS 2020 Alarcón Gisela Pulido. The multiple World champion has passed the quarantine in his house of Fee: “The last test that I made was to Mexico in march and nothing more to return already declared the state to alarm and I was confined, as we all do. The truth is that I really want to compete. I’ve been training since mid-may and it is once more time I’ve been stop. And if I am honest I have to say that I have been sitting super well because I had been dragging a lot of competitions and a lot of tiredness and I have been phenomenal to be at home with the family. A different life that I liked. I always try to see things from the positive side. I want to do the best I can trying to make less mistakes and tactical is what it costs me because I have a few championships. I’m going to try a couple of foils and I am watching to see what use from tomorrow but sure we go out with some new thing”.

Alex Climent says: “I Had been from the championship of Spain in February, without competing. This is the first event of the season after the confinement, and the first of the FKSS. We have trained a lot and we were eager to return to fight for a victory. We have joined a few in the last few weeks to haggle in format regatta and we are eager to. I’ve seen Mazella and goes very fast. I’m going to have to pull experience and tactics to try to beat because it goes very well. At the beginning there may be some advantage on them by knowing the place but these people are so good when it takes an hour in a spot you already know and no longer have the advantage over them of knowing the place, that advantage is very relative”.

Theo de Ramecourt explains: “This is my first competition since more than three months ago. I had two races at the beginning of the year in Abu Dhabi and Mexico, and since then, early march, since I have not competed. I am very pleased that the FKSS has organized this regatta and that we can come back to compete. I will be also in Castellón, although I will go to France on a quick trip and I will not stay to train with the rest. Here we look forward to a great regatta with flat waters and good wind. It will be something different to what is in Castellón that already what I know best and I have great memories after winning last season”.