in The qualifying match between Bulgaria and England in the context of the EURO 2020 is a Monday night it was shut down because of bulgaria’s thuisfans commits made on the issue of racism.

as The match was, for the first time, halted in the 28th minute. Then it was into the stadium and announced the match was finally abandoned, it would be if the racist chants continue. The images of the people in the stands had a hundred Bulgarian fans, who are, all in black-wearing, nazi salutes them. They had shirts up in the words “UEFA Mafia,’ No respect’, a parody on the ‘Respect’campaign, the European champions who are against racism who fought.

finally, In the 43rd minute of the match for a second time, shut-down, when the English defender Tyrone System (26) is heavy on the grain, it was taken by the hometown audience. After a discussion between the referee and the English coach, Gareth Southgate, the game will still continue.

Photo: Action Images via Reuters

The new UEFA protocol to write the three steps for dealing with situations such as this. The first one is a message of paging the stadionspeaker. The second reason is the players in the locker room to let go and look for the emotions to let you down. If that doesn’t work, the third step is the final stop of the race. So far was it does not , however, been held that the offensive spreekkoren, according to observers on the spot, and even after the break in.

After the game, made for the English football association announced that, for the fast action in claiming the European champions. “We will be able to confirm to you that the English players are in the match and the target of a vile racist spreekkoren. This is not acceptable. We are going to focus for now on the full support of the players and the staff”, he left the company shortly after the game, via Twitter to know about it. “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that our players have the experience. We are asking for the CHANCE of a police investigation.”

Bulgaria is the punishment for racism from:

Just being racist against the players by the fans, was the subject of discussion in the run-up to the event. Bulgaria will play in the game because of a partially closed stadium because of their fans with Kosovo, and the Czech republic, had to apply it with a racist spreekkoren.

The Englishman, who is a multi-cultural team, in between the lines to bring out, it had already been announced in the field, if their players are dealt with should be made on the basis of their skin colour. That drew a furious response from the Bulgarian football union: they were not able to that they’re no-nonsense, were dismissed as “racists”.

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