Granit Xhaka has been aanvoerdersband need to be turned over to the Arsenal. The Swiss has emerged from this season, as the permanent captain of the English club, as he did recently, furious as he was by the fans and was booed. Xhaka went to the home game against Crystal Palace, and after an hour of loud booing at the end, and what have been the hand behind the ear to put. He pulled his shirt off.

the Manager, Unai Emery said the 27-year-old Swiss citizen of excuses to make up for his behavior. Did Xhaka, however, are somewhat in a post on Instagram, but he went on to explain that his reaction came from some of the negative comments he receives via social media.

“I have to say I am always 100% for this club, both on and off the field. It’s a feeling that I may not be clearly understood by the fans, and a lot of strong reactions on social media have touched me most deeply,” said Xhaka. “People have said that my legs might be broken, my wife might kill him, and she wanted my daughter to cancer, is increasing. When I was having reactions to him, was for me the threshold is reached. I hope that we can come together to bring a positive forward look.”

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The Swiss international has been long-debated bill are no longer part of the clash in the first half. He was also missing on Wednesday in the Europa League against Vitoria Guimaraes. “I’ve got to tell him that he was no longer a captain,” said Emery. “He has accepted it.” Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will act from now on as the first captain of Arsenal.